Gestalt Therapy Group

Now forming in Santa Cruz

An ongoing weekly Gestalt Therapy group will be starting shortly in Santa Cruz. It will be meeting in our Soquel office, located on Soquel Drive near Park Blvd. Possible meeting times for this hour and 1/2 group will be on Tuesday evenings, Friday evenings or Saturday early afternoons, to be decided after discussion with perspective members. The cost is $45.00 per week, paid monthly, and an ongoing commitment is asked from each member.

Link to map of office location

A monthly mini-workshop is also being considered, to meet one Saturday a month. This group will meet for three hours, approximately every fourth weekend, time and exact dates to be determined. The cost will be $85.00 per session.

The groups will be facilitated by Larry Stone, MFT. The weekly group will be limited to a maximum of eight members. The monthly workshop will be limited to a maximum of 16.

For more information, or to request a place in the group, contact Larry Stone, MFT at the Gestalt Therapy Center of Santa Cruz and the Bay Area.

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